Web Design Basics

Here are tips on how to make a persuasive website design, courtesy of the beautiful Magda Kwiatkowska.

There are so many elements to think of. The tips are inspired by Dr. Susan M. Weinschenk, Ph.D., the author of Neuroweb Design: What Makes Them Click.

First up, is length. The longer the text, the faster people will read through a page. You don’t want that, since you want them to really focus on your message. And that message should be clear-cut. The optimal length is 100 characters per line. However, for really effective reading, make it 45-72 characters.


This is because people don’t want to burden themselves with really long paragraphs. They don’t want to expend so much energy on a verbose paragraph. People now are getting lazier and lazier, and if you don’t get to the point directly, especially on the internet, they will ignore and dismiss you.

The next part of the video talks about the surprising fact that people can’t really multitask, we just switch between tasks. When switch-tasking, we can’t pay attention, we remember less things, and we can’t perform well. It only works when you’ve done it many times already.

So, how is that relevant for your website? Make sure your site doesn’t make your user think about 3 tasks at once. It should have a clear direction, and a focused call-to-action.

More tips are in the video. Enjoy!