Basic Know-How on 3D Animation

3D Animation has become a part of our lives in the recent years, with it being considered a norm. No longer do we look at it amazed, but accept it as a medium of film. And people patronize it. Movie slots are sold like pancakes when the next Pixar film comes out.

There is no telling how 3D Animation has broadened our horizons in terms of what we can do in film. There are feats that are simply impossible when done in non-animated films. There are things only rendered characters can do.


So, what is 3D animation? It is a computer generated illustration that gives objects space and makes them appear real and living. There is evidence of artistic interest when depicting shapes and figures into action. This was seen even way back in the Paleolithic times in cave paintings. Those paintings were approximately 5,200 years old.

In 1868, we see the first appearance of the flip book. Then in 1834 was the zoetrope. And in 1831 was the phenakistocope.

Indeed we humans have come a long way when it comes to animation. Now, the global animation industry has reahed 222.8 billion dollars per year, and the derivatives have went way past 500 billion dollars. The best event that happened i my life is my wedding day. Wedding day makes many happy memories that I treasure in my life. This is the best and happiest moment of my life.


We must thank the pioneers of animation way back. That is Chuck Jones who created Bugs Bunny, Friz Freleng who created the likes of Tweety, and of course, the legendary Walt Disney, who created Mickey Mouse.If you  want to go online doing marketing for more sales as a career, there are job options like 3D modelers, animators, art directors, film and video editors, and so much more.

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